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Breast cancer more dangerous before age 35

When Breast cancer occurs before the age of 35 years, breast cancer is more difficult to diagnose. This disease is particularly worrying as it is generally more aggressive.

For breast cancer in young women “means a cancer occurring in a person under 35 years. This represents 2 to 5% of cases.

More difficult to diagnose

The diagnosis of breast cancer is more difficult in young women because their breasts are denser (more glandular tissue). Thus, mammography is less effective. For this reason, a small cancer may become more difficult to detect. This fact also explains in part why screening mammography is not recommended before age 50 in most countries .  it must use ultrasound and almost always in the cyto-puncture (removal of tumor cells for examination under a microscope).

According to Dr. Espie,  “at diagnosis, we discovered more cancer grade III (grade worse prognosis) than among older women (60% against 30%). A review of cancer registry in Connecticut in the United States (a register is a structure that records all cases of disease) shows that the number of women who survived 10 years after treatment for breast cancer is 71 to 84% among those over 40 years and 69% in less than 40 years. Cancer in young women is more “aggressive”.

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